The amount of soy sauce produced by natural brewing using the Kioke (wooden barrels traditionally used in Japan), was replaced by the more efficent large-scale production, and represents now the 1% of the whole production. The unique flavor that upholds, is generated by the abundant types of bacterias that live inside the Kioke, made with natural materials.

In January 2015, for a project, I photographed a soy sauce factory, in Shodoshima Island (Kagawa prefecture), established more than 150 years ago. While watching the process of making a Kioke, I began to notice the children of soy sauce factory, who were looking at the same scene. For sure those children will inherit not only the method of soy sauce making, but also that of the Kioke. They are unconsciousnessly taking over their future figures from the working father's back. Apparently these kioke are being used for more than 100 years to make soy sauce, without getting broken. The so-called Kioke time capsule are a completed confinement for the various nows.